Each year over 45,000 people are killed by or in motor vehicles, Over 2.5 million are injured from these said accidents with 25% of people being permanently injured & Over 100,000 suffering from traumatic head injuries.

Unfortunately I learned about death by vehicle in 2nd grade when my best friend was ran over and killed by our substitute bus driver.

Driving has been my lively hood since getting my own license at 18, between 18-23 I lost many friends I grew up with who died as a result of motor vehicle accidents. I started driving for Meals on Wheels as soon as I got my license. By age 21, I had my CDL in which I have used to drive school buses, box trucks and tankers trucks. Unfortunately a accidental fall from my truck ended my truck driving career. I went back to school, and obtained my business degree. After being out and about all day seeing the most unimaginable things that were going on with other drivers and their occupants, I found it quite hard being stuck in a cubicle or behind a desk. So Almost 17 years ago I answered an employment ad looking for driving instructors that would pay for school and training to become a instructor. Once I passed my exams I realized I found my true calling, I am patient, kind and some say real funny too.  I cater to new, nervous, fearful and unconfident drivers or those who have test anxiety. Some come for a basic evaluation and to learn their maneuvers prior to testing and others have me take them to their road test. (if considering this it is best to allow me to book your test therefore insuring me and the car are available)

Not only am I here to help you pass your test but to teach you to be a safe and defensive driver from all of those people who are aggressive and have total disregard not only for themselves but for others out there. Those who know me know my quote “that if you want to see the worst in someone hand them a set of car keys“ For those who need someone to accommodate them to their motorcycle test I also have my motorcycle license as well as my motorcycle instructor license.
I am down to earth very  real and promise to make you feel as comfortable as you can so that your experience in learning to drive and taking your test is a pleasant one…

Marybeth's School of Driving
357 Milton Ave Ballston Spa, NY-12020-US
Phone: 518-365-0649 Website: http://marybethsschoolofdriving.com/